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Vivaldi Music Competition

In 1678, the great Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi graced the world, bringing with him numerous innovations to the realm of music. Throughout his lifetime, he crafted timeless masterpieces such as "The Four Seasons". The Vivaldi International Music Competition, established to commemorate this great composer, aims to uphold his musical legacy and artistic devotion. This online competition invites musicians worldwide, of all ages and from all countries, across all music styles, to showcase their talents, echoing Vivaldi's pioneering spirit and creativity.

Embracing the digital era, the competition serves as a platform to promote music in the internet age, fostering educational growth and global engagement. Participants from all ages, all music styles, and all countries, ranging from aspiring beginners to seasoned professionals, are encouraged to excel in their musical journey. The competition's categories cater to all levels and styles, providing a nurturing environment for artistic exploration. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for developing musicians worldwide to perform in a formal, challenging yet supportive atmosphere.  The goal is to provide young musicians a forum to challenge themselves musically, and to share their music. Winners also have the opportunity to be featured on our online social media platform.

By commemorating Vivaldi's contributions and embracing digital opportunities, the competition continues his legacy, enriching the global musical landscape. Apart from the Tier Prizes, the competition features the prestigious Best Vivaldi Performance Special Prize. This award is presented to the musician who delivers the most exceptional and captivating rendition of a Vivaldi composition, recognizing both technical prowess and artistic interpretation, as the recipient demonstrates a deep understanding and emotional connection to Vivaldi's music. In addition, the competition also offers the following special prizes, though not limited to performances of Vivaldi's works: the Vivaldi Unique Personality Special Prize, Vivaldi Exceptional Technique Special Prize, Vivaldi Captivating Expression Special Prize, Vivaldi Visionary Creativity Special Prize, and Vivaldi Supreme Collaboration Special Prize. All Vivaldi Special Prizes are nominated by the jury panel, and recipients will receive special edition e-certificates and e-badges.

World Online Music Competitions Organization

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